Fisher Park Neighborhood Association (JFPNA)

Constitution and Bylaws

As of April 16, 2002

 Item #1


Fisher Park Neighborhood Association consists of the following boundaries/streets:

  • West Loop - River Lane, West Sharon Road, Greenbrier Street
  • East Loop - West Park Lane (east of Flower), Acacia Street, West Jonquil Road
  • West Memory Lane (east of Flower)
  • Both sides of Flower Street between Memory Lane and Santiago Creek

Approximately 240 homes.

 Item #2


To preserve and advocate for the integrity of the neighborhood and Jack Fisher Park, and to develop a sense of unity among residents throughout the neighborhood. Act as a vehicle for Fisher Park Neighborhood Association to interact with outside interests, organizations and associations.

 Item #3


No individual or group shall be authorized to commit JFPNA to any agreement or obligation without the specific approval of the JFPNA Board Members and/or General Membership.

 Item #4


All adult residents (owner residents and non-owner residents) within the boundaries of JFPNA shall be members.

 Item #5


  • Dues are voluntary and confidential.
  • A minimum of $25.00 is suggested annually per household.
  • January 1st is the start of the dues cycle.

 Item #6


  • The general fund account will hold dues paid by members.
  • All revenue entries into the fund must be itemized.All expenditures are to be approved by the Board during quarterly Board meetings. All disbursements shall be paid by check, which shall be Signed by Treasurer or President.
  • The treasurer (in conjunction w/Board) will develop an "operating budget" to be approved by the General Membership at the first meeting of the year.
  • Excluding administrative expenses, all other expenses and/or projects must be approved by the general membership during the budget review and/or general meetings.
  • Once the Board and General Membership have allocated funds, they cannot be reallocated for any other purpose. The unused funds shall be reallocated through the same aforementioned process.
  • The Treasurer shall present a financial report to the Board members at each Board meeting and each general meeting. The financial report shall consist of a balance sheet, profit/loss statement and transaction report as appropriate.

 Item #7


  • The Board Members shall consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Immediate Past President plus two members at large.
  • Board Members must be Fisher Park residents throughout their term.

 Item #8


  • All JFPNA Board Members are required to attend all Board Meetings and all General Meetings. In the event that attendance is not possible, the Board Member must contact either the President or Secretary prior to the start of the meeting.
  • The board members shall sign and date the final edition of any amendments or revisions of the by-laws and place a copy in the Neighborhood "Tool-Book" as well as forward a copy to Neighborhood Improvement.

 Item #9


  • President: The President shall preside over all meetings of the JFPNA and shall perform such duties as necessary for the proper administration of the affairs of JFPNA. The President shall prepare agendas and ensure that all meetings are conducted in a positive, professional and orderly manner. NOTE: The President shall posses a backup key to the Jack Fisher Park log cabin.
  • Vice President: The Vice President shall assist in the administration of the affairs undertaken by the President, and in the absence of the President preside over any association meetings. The Vice President shall oversee all committees and special projects with the President.
  • Secretary: The Secretary shall server as recording and corresponding secretary, shall maintain association records, minutes and agendas of all meetings. Shall maintain the standing rules document. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the e-mail list. (Documents to be made available upon request.)
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have custody of the funds of the JFPNA and be responsible for the accounting of funds to the Board and general membership at all meetings. (Documents to be made available upon request.)
  • Immediate Past President: The Immediate Past President shall attend all board meetings.
  • Member at large I: The member at large will participate on the board as a regular member of the board. Responsibilities with vary, but will general support association business in conjunction with other "titled" board members.
  • Member at large II: The member at large will participate on the board as a regular member of the board. Responsibilities with vary, but will general support association business in conjunction with other "titled" board members.

 Item #10


  • An annual term for 3 of the board position in odd years (Treasurer, Vice President, Member at large 2) and 3 of the board positions in even years (President, Secretary, Member at large 1)
  • A Board transition meeting shall be held in December.
  • Term of Office: Two years with a limit of two consecutive terms per office. (Allows for more than two terms and allows for holding other board positions.)
  • Vacancies in Office. If the President leaves office and the Vice President does not desire to fill the vacancy, an election for President shall be held. If any other office becomes vacant during the year, the Board shall fill the office for the unexpired term with approval at subsequent general meeting.
  • Board Members may run again for re-election to the Board.
  • Voting will take place at the general meeting by those in attendance, one vote per resident. Simple majority rules, proxy or absent ballots will be accepted for posted agenda items only. The resident in need of sending a proxy or absent ballot is responsible for ensuring that the ballot arrives to the meeting on time.
  • Candidates can be nominated for a Board position by either being present at the election meeting or through a letter of intent, presented to the Association Secretary.

 Item #11


  • General Membership meetings shall be held at least each quarter, other meetings may be held for special topics as requested by the Board Members. The Membership shall be given ample notice of meeting dates and agenda.
  • Board meetings shall be held at least quarterly, approximately 2 weeks before the general meeting.
  • Any member is welcome to attend.

 Item #12


  • Association General Meetings: No specific quorum is required.
  • Board meeting quorum shall be five Board members. Missing board member(s) may be contact by e-mail or phone if a vote is needed.

 Item #13


  • The President shall appoint Committee Chairperson, with majority approval of the Board.
  • Each Chairperson shall select members for their committee as needed.
  • Each committee chairperson shall report to the Board and attend Board Meetings as requested.

 Item #14


  • The New Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority of Fisher Park Neighborhood Association.

 Item #15


Bylaw amendment may be suggested by any JFPNA member at any time, but must be ratified by the General Membership. All amendments must be recorded.

Fisher Park Neighborhood Standing Rules

The following "Standing Rules" will facilitate a smooth organization and an efficient implementation of Board responsibilities. Standing rules can be changed without general membership approval, but need Board approval.

General Items:

  • General Meetings are to be held the second Tuesday of March, June, September and November, at 7:00 PM.
  • Individuals such as street representatives, street representative coordinators, advertising and newsletter coordinators are encouraged to attend Board meetings and provide feedback to the Board.
  • To facilitate communication between Board members on emergency decisions/ votes (when the Board cannot be brought together) the use of fax phone or e-mail will be used. The decision of the matter must be by simple majority approval, in order to be recognized as a valid consent of the Board. Printed documentation must be forwarded to the secretary for recording purposes.