Parking Enforcement

Parking violations are set forth in state law and municipal ordinances. More detailed information about parking enforcement is available on the City’s website or by calling the Traffic Division at (714) 245-8200.

For more on parking regulations, access the Municipal Code for the City of Santa Ana or the California Vehicle Code.

Common Parking Violations

Some common parking violations include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Street Sweeping: No parking during posted street sweeping times. Disabled Person Placards DO NOT exempt a vehicle from street sweeping regulations.
  2. Parking on the Sidewalk: A vehicle may not extend over any portion of the sidewalk.
  3. Parking on the front or side yard.
  4. Fire hydrants: Do not park within 15′ of any fire hydrant.
  5. Distance from the curb: Do not park more than 18″ from the curb.
  6. Blocking Driveway: Do not block public or private driveways.
  7. Current Registration: Vehicles must have current month and year tabs displayed on the license plate attached to the vehicle.

NOTE: Parking enforcement remains in effect at all times including street sweeping days.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I fail to pay or appeal a parking citation within 21 days?

Late and delinquent fees will be applied to the original violation amount and you forfeit your right to appeal. If you continue to ignore your obligation to pay, the City may resort to other means of collection including impounding or booting your vehicle, registration holds and/or referring your account to a collections agency.

Can I be help responsible for parking citations issued to a vehicle that I own or co-own if I was not driving the vehicle at the time?

Yes. Regardless if you are the sole registered owner or a co-owner; you are still legally liable for any citations issued even if you were not present in the vehicle at the time of the violation.

Can I park in the alley during street sweeping time?

No. Alley parking is not allowed.

Can I get cited after the 1st sweep?

Yes. On occasion, 2nd or subsequent passes are necessary to ensure the street is cleaned properly. Citations may be issued at any point during the posted times.

How can I request a parking exemption or inquire about parking permits?

Parking exemptions and parking permit districts are issued through Traffic Engineering; you may contact them at (714) 647-5623.